Connected Health Summit 2021

Driving Innovation: New Investments and the Future of Healthcare

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Panelist: Chuck Sabin, Senior Director, Market Development, Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 1 September, 3:15pm CST / 4:15pm EST


Investments have flowed into the digital health sector in the past 18 months as companies have rolled out new telehealth solutions and developed new products and services for a healthcare market grappling with restrictions related to COVID-19. This session invites healthcare innovators and investors to share their vision and business strategies for new innovations, measure the impact of new funding into the healthcare market, and discuss implications for the near- and long-term future.

About the Conference:

Parks Associates’ Connected Health Summit is a three-day executive conference focused on the impact of connected devices and IoT healthcare solutions on consumers at home.

Connected Health Summit anticipates increasing demand for both clinical and consumer health and wellness solutions aimed at improving the quality of life for people living and seeking support at home. The expansion of connected medical devices and telehealth services into the home, as well as the increasing movement of connected consumer devices into health and wellness, is growing new markets for independent living solutions that serve the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, rural households, and caretakers.

Connected Health Summit provides insights on new business models, IoT technologies, consumer behaviors, and deployments relevant to consumer healthcare solutions. These solutions, including smart home platforms, on-demand services, voice assistants, and wearables, empower consumers, caregivers, and providers with new insight into patient health and represent a vast market opportunity for many players both in and outside of healthcare services. The conference addresses these opportunities for all players and the challenges for the industry in meeting the growing demand for services in independent living, chronic care management, remote access to care, and wellness and fitness.

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