AI + IoT Business Conference 2020

Global Forum Roundtable: Global Observation – Ever Connected

Date and Time: 28 May, 8:00-9:00 PST

Moderator: Fritz Werder, General Manager for Tuya


  • Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations from Bluetooth SIG
  • Charlie Jiang, Managing Director of Great China Lead of Industrial X.0 Accenture
  • Laurent Benghozi, Head of Business Development of Bazz
  • Lu Li, General Manager of Indiegogo


In the ever-changing AIoT industry, only by practicing our expertise and sharing our insights can we ride the tide in the global smart home markets. To scale, we need various perspectives, and abundant experiences to improve and evolve to provide the best connection, products, tools, and channels for the advancing of the global IoT industry.

Latest Advancements and Global Trends in Bluetooth for the Internet of Things

Date and Time: 27 May, 8:30-8:50 PST

Presenter: Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations, Bluetooth SIG


Bluetooth technology is already the number one installed communication method in IoT and growing rapidly.  In this session, Jim Katsandres from the Bluetooth SIG will discuss the trends we are seeing in the Internet of Things and the incorporation of Bluetooth technology by our 35,000+ member companies into everything from COVID-19 exposure proximity solutions, indoor navigation, centimeter level Realtime location services (RTLS) to Lighting as a Service, asset tracking and building automation in individual, commercial and medical industries.  Bluetooth LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth audio, will also be introduced which allows for advanced audio applications in commercial and consumer environments.

About the Conference: 

Since 2017, Tuya Smart has been organizing the AI + IoT Business Conference is an annual technology summit that provides the latest AIoT trends. To date, the conference has attracted more than 100 industry-leading companies, 300 thought leaders, 100 investors and 20,000 forward thinkers discussing and exchanging their smart business ideas. From various perspectives, our previous conferences have demonstrated important AIoT trends and the future of IoT. This year is our first time launching the summit online with the new theme, “IGNITE · The New Decade of AIoT Interconnectivity”, and we will gather the global ecosystem partners online to discuss the opportunities in technology innovation and business expansion, and lead as the trailblazer together with the top-tier players in AIoT to drive the new decade of interconnectivity.