Launch Studio is designed to help you get your product to market faster.

Launch Studio is the new name for Test Plan Generator (TPG). The number one request from the member survey was that we improve TPG—so we’ve completely rebuilt it to create Launch Studio, which will have a new interface and a more intuitive workflow designed to enable you to submit your Bluetooth® products for qualification faster.

Launch Studio takes the complexity out of the Bluetooth qualification process. Not every Bluetooth product is required to be tested as part of the Bluetooth qualification process. Launch Studio helps you choose the right workflow to meet your needs.

  • Qualification without required testing—if your product uses an already qualified chip or design, and you aren’t making any design changes, or you are simply reselling an already qualified product—Launch Studio provides a much simpler, condensed workflow of only four steps.
  • Qualification with required testing—if you are creating a new design or making modifications to an already qualified chip or design—Launch Studio guides you through the additional, four required process steps.

Benefits of Bluetooth Launch Studio

  • New interface to guide you through the Bluetooth qualification process
  • Step-by-step training and tooltips to make it easier to use
  • Faster product listing search and test plan generation
  • Integrated declaration ID payments and Qualified Design ID (QDID) lookups

Building with Bluetooth isn’t complex, now qualification isn’t either.

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