Models for Bluetooth
Mesh Interoperability

It’s been two years since the Bluetooth® community delivered Bluetooth mesh networking, an innovative solution for creating large-scale device networks that support secure, reliable communication between hundreds or even thousands of devices. Thanks to the inherent global interoperability of Bluetooth technology, devices from different manufacturers can work together on a single Bluetooth mesh network, ensuring that luminaires, sensors, switches, and other types of devices, regardless of origin, just work when installed.

Interoperability at Every Level

“Interoperability is a benefit of standardization across every layer of the entire communications stack.” 
Martin Woolley

Bluetooth mesh models are the building blocks for interoperable Bluetooth mesh products and the means by which diverse requirements can be met in smart buildings and smart venues around the world. “Interoperability is a benefit of standardization across every layer of the entire communications stack — from the physical layer, dealing with the analog world of radio at the bottom, to user-level behaviors that products may exhibit at the top,” explains Bluetooth SIG EMEA Developer Relations Manager Martin Woolley in his paper, Bluetooth Mesh Models – A Technical Overview

Bluetooth Mesh in the Home

Since January 2019, the Bluetooth Smart Home Subgroup has been working to create new Bluetooth mesh models that will take Bluetooth mesh into everyday smart home applications. And while these models are being developed with the smart home in mind, they will seamlessly translate to commercial and industrial smart building environments.  

The video below shows you how the Bluetooth Smart Home Subgroup is making intelligent and integrated smart home experiences a reality.

A Guided Tour of Bluetooth Mesh Models

Woolley’s paper gives the reader a complete look at Bluetooth mesh models, providing a full overview of the building blocks critical to Bluetooth mesh interoperability. This paper outlines:

  • How generics support the use of fundamental capabilities that many device types possess
  • How commercial lighting requirements are met by the lighting models
  • How sensors can be used to inform other devices of environmental data that could result in initiated scene changes

Download Bluetooth Mesh Models – A Technical Overview, and gain a comprehensive understanding of Bluetooth mesh models — from foundation, generic, and lighting models to sensor, scene, and time models.


Bluetooth Mesh Models – A Technical Overview


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