How McWong International is
Harnessing the Power of Blue

The Power of Blue

While Bluetooth® technology is well regarded as the go-to solution for audio streaming and connected devices, it shouldn’t be dismissed as solely a consumer technology. Many facilities — from museums like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne to massive retailers like Target and Mall of America — are relying on Bluetooth enabled smart building solutions to optimize day-to-day operations and create a better visitor experience.

More Than a Consumer Technology

The recent release of Bluetooth mesh networking makes intelligent building automation at scale a reality, even in commercial and industrial environments where reliability and security requirements are highest. Bluetooth mesh enables the creation of large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for control, monitoring, and automation systems where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to reliably and securely communicate with one another.

Bluetooth mesh networking was built on a 20-year foundation of Bluetooth interoperability. This is achieved through rigorous qualification and by ensuring all layers of the communication stack, including the application layer, are specified.

Companies like McWong International have already been capitalizing on this break-through innovation. “We have been exploring different network technologies for the past ten years, and we have yet to see a technology in action that is more suitable for building automation,” said Blane Goettle, VP of McWong. 

McWong to Prove Bluetooth Mesh Interoperability

McWong already has plans to retrofit their offices with products from multiple vendors to demonstrate the interoperability of Bluetooth mesh. “We want to highlight the ease of planning and commissioning,” said Goettle. “We want to show how, through a multi-phase approach, you can implement Bluetooth mesh in a commercial building. You don’t need to tackle the whole building at once.”

Once their offices are complete, McWong plans to upgrade their warehouses before expanding the implementation across their entire operation. McWong’s 25,000-square-foot commercial project site incorporates a large warehouse and assembly area, private offices, open plan areas, conference rooms, and training spaces, along with a daylight-filled employee lunch/social activity area.

This project will publicly demonstrate the genuine interoperability of the Bluetooth mesh specifications and include fixtures from several different manufacturers that are Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth mesh compatible/convertible and able to perform the full range of California Title 24-2016 control requirements. In addition, the project will feature Bluetooth mesh control in the lighting industry’s newest interior fixtures, namely those that dynamically change color, kelvin temperature (CCT), and beam spread.

Watch the video above to hear from McWong’s VP, Blane Goettle, on how Bluetooth technology can be used to power a whole range of smart building solutions.


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