How Bluetooth Mesh is Advancing
the Implementation of Smart
Building Technology

The growth of connected devices is set to make a huge impact to the lighting industry, driving the rise of the smart building — an impact that will reap rewards for businesses and end users alike. There has been a dramatic change recently in the relationship between buildings and the people who use them every day. While cost savings and running an efficient building remain the primary drivers for smarter innovation and design in buildings, the wellness and comfort of the people who inhabit them are also significant factors.

Taking lighting into account solely, new technologies, such as intelligent lighting, are poised to play a key role in this evolution, driving the growth of smart buildings.

Incorporating connected devices, such as intelligent lighting, will become an integral part of smart building planning. This is where Bluetooth® mesh networks thrive. Acting as the key to unlocking smarter buildings and lighting, a Bluetooth mesh network creates a distributed platform and conversation grid, which other wireless building services can leverage – opening up a wealth of possibilities.

With a system in place that utilises connected devices, such as a mesh network, buildings will be capable of not only controlling lighting automatically, but even regulating temperatures and tracking assets, saving tremendous resources, and gaining both environmental and financial benefits. The not too distant future is bright indeed.

Discover how Bluetooth technology is expanding the definition of the smart building


Bluetooth Mesh Networking: Paving the Way for Smart Lighting

Bluetooth mesh networking brings the multi-vendor interoperability, low power, and low latency pedigree of Bluetooth Low Energy to the world of commercial lighting. Discover how this innovative technology can turn wireless connectivity into a smart lighting wireless platform.


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