The Role Condition Monitoring
Plays in the Smart Building

New forecasts conclude that predictive maintenance will play a significant role in optimizing productivity in the coming years. According to RCR Wireless, it’s anticipated that 83% of companies will invest in predictive maintenance by 2020.

Smart industry facilities are especially well positioned to reap a greater ROI from predictive maintenance advancements. Bluetooth® sensor networks deployed at scale across a factory floor enable real-time monitoring of system performance and tolerances, creating intelligent machines and whole manufacturing lines that can predict and problem solve. Gartner Inc. forecasts that by 2020, more than 1.3 billion sensor deployments will support condition monitoring. 

Condition Monitoring in the Real World

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is already leveraging sensor networks to support their daily operations. While replacing their existing halogen lighting systems with Bluetooth enabled LED modules, the Van Gogh Museum also installed Xicato sensors, which use Bluetooth technology to broadcast data like occupancy, lux levels, temperature, and humidity information to help staff understand and control the indoor environment. This is critical to preserving the museum’s priceless pieces of art.

Bluetooth technology is now powering condition monitoring solutions that optimize operational efficiencies and generate a greater smart building ROI, even in commercial and industrial environments where security, reliability, and performance requirements are highest.

For new data on how Bluetooth is powering the smart building, check out the Bluetooth smart building infographic.


Build a Smarter Building with Blue

See new data on how building with blue can increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the ROI of smart building solutions.

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