7 Emerging Bluetooth Technology Trends to Watch

It’s no secret that the world is more connected than ever. With millions of smart devices deployed in private and commercial settings around the world, seamless communication is becoming an increasingly common part of daily life.

Upgrade Wireless Mic System To Support Auracast Via VOCE

Want to upgrade your wireless microphone system to support Auracast™? As long as there is an audio output, you can upgrade immediately and painlessly. Multiple groups of wireless recording / monitoring / meeting records / verbatim script output / course notes / video shooting / smarter classrooms… a variety of applications are waiting for you […]

The Internet of Everyday Things Will Power Itself

In this Internet of Trillions, packaged goods will communicate their location and condition; clothes communicate their origin and sustainability journey; and vaccines communicate information about their handling and viability.

How to Optimize Your Space with Data

Among the many ways the pandemic impacted the business world, the way it has affected the way we work and traditional office culture appears to be among the most important. 

Integrating Memfault with Blecon Bluetooth Devices

In this post, I’ll go through how we evaluated Memfault at Blecon and talk through what we liked and why we decided to use it, how we integrated it into the nRF5 platform and carried the Memfault data over to the Memfault cloud via Bluetooth.

LE Audio: The Future Of Wireless Sound

Introducing LE Audio: a new standard for Bluetooth technology on Galaxy devices. LE audio will enhance the performance of classic Bluetooth audio and introduce isochronous communication, creating whole new wireless audio experience on Galaxy devices. In this session, we will introduce the technical features of LE Audio, what it means for the Galaxy UX and […]

The 2022 State of Sound Report

The State of Sound report is an annual study featuring a summary of research insights based on data from thousands of audio consumers around the world.

Beyond Lighting - Why Connecting With Your Data Via APIs Is So Important

Designed specifically for professional lighting applications, Bluetooth mesh is the first communication standard that brings wire-like reliability to wireless control systems. Once deployed, a Bluetooth mesh-based lighting network can provide the infrastructure for both lighting and non-lighting services, effectively acting like the building’s nervous system. Smart buildings are becoming an element of competitive advantage for […]

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