Game Changer: Live Experiences Reinvented Wirelessly

Bluetooth® LE Audio wireless streaming presents a radical paradigm shift for live music and sporting events, our latest article looks at the reinvention of the live experience. Imagine going to a live music concert with perfect sound quality for every seat in the house. Where there is no need to bring earplugs as volume level […]

Using Bluetooth To Safeguard RTLS Innovation

One of the exciting aspects of working in technology is that you are always chasing improvements. How can we take this to the next level? How can we do more or blaze a trail? It’s not to say this doesn’t happen in other industries, but the difference in tech is if you don’t truly drive […]

What Makes Bluetooth Beacon-Based RTLS Systems Successful?

183 million, that’s how many location-services Bluetooth® devices shipped in 2021 alone! What’s even more impressive is that annual shipments are expected to reach 568 million in 2026 – that’s over 3x growth and 25% CAGR in the next 5 years!

More Storage Space At The Push Of A Button

Thanks to Swiss-based Fruchtlänge 7, LEGIC and dormakaba, everyone can acquire additional storage space within minutes, whether for luxury sports equipment, beloved children’s toys, permanent winter clothing or large musical instruments: there is no limit to the ideas and possibilities.

Rethinking Workspaces

How spatial intelligence & occupancy tracking solutions help to overcome corporate real estate business challenges.

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