Ready for the New Bluetooth 5.4? – What You Should Know First

The release of Bluetooth 5.4 is being met with a lot of excitement and IoT device makers and application developers alike are increasingly wondering when they can start developing with it. Why the excitement? What’s new, and what are the key features of this iteration?

The Benefits Of Bluetooth LE Connectivity In Power Tools

Integrating Bluetooth into power tools has emerged as one of the fastest growing – and most practical – use cases for connectivity. With applications ranging from asset tracking to performance monitoring, manufacturers and users benefit. In this whitepaper, we explore some of the common use cases for Bluetooth in the industrial power tools segment and […]

Agriculture Gets Smart With Cellular IoT And Bluetooth LE

The global agricultural and farming industry is facing a perfect storm. Earlier this month, the world population hit eight billion for the first time, in the two weeks since it has grown another 1.5 million. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed when there are already 690 million people going hungry, according to […]

Bluetooth Development Training: Works With 2022

The role Bluetooth has played, and will continue to play, in the evolution of IoT networks is hard to overstate. The global adoption of Bluetooth and its mass-market economies of scale give it a powerful advantage to be widely used as a positioning technology.  View the Training Sessions

Two New Technologies Shaking up the IoT

By example, Bluetooth has broadened its tracks through its direction-finding technologies, Angle-of-Arrival (AoA), and Angle-of-Departure (AoD). AoA and AoD promise to unleash new opportunities in retail stores, factories, warehouses, hospitals, and many other commercial and industrial environments. So what exactly are these technologies and why are they important?

The Switch from Bluetooth® Classic to Bluetooth® LE Audio

Bluetooth isn’t just for wireless speakers — audio providers are expanding Bluetooth use cases every year. From TWS wireless earbuds to hearing aids and hearables, the market for increasingly sophisticated Bluetooth devices continues to expand. Audio devices are becoming smaller, more energy efficient, and more versatile. Learn more in this article from Telink Semiconductor.

How Qualcomm FastConnect Takes Wireless Gaming To The Next Level

A gamer’s set up is important, from the gaming space they create to the hardware within the devices. Setting yourself up to win requires sustained, low ping, high speed connection — and that’s exactly what Qualcomm FastConnect Mobile Connectivity Systems are designed to deliver.

7 Emerging Bluetooth Technology Trends to Watch

It’s no secret that the world is more connected than ever. With millions of smart devices deployed in private and commercial settings around the world, seamless communication is becoming an increasingly common part of daily life.

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