Using a Bluetooth LE Wireless Module to Accelerate Time-to-market

Wireless connectivity makes dumb products intelligent. Smart devices can transmit information about their surroundings and conditions while receiving instructions and updates. That in turn enables functionality that’s impossible for products operating in isolation.

Harvesting the Future with IoT in Agriculture

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have quickly become integral to modern agriculture. Real-time data monitoring gives insight into changing environmental conditions and enables precision farming, where farmers respond to environmental variables to ensure optimal agricultural and livestock production. IoT tech also enables harvesting and planting automation, saving farmers time and labor.

Enabling the Digital Transformation of Industrial IoT with Bluetooth®

The Industrial IoT is a digital transformation process for enterprises offering them compelling abilities to manage and overcome many growing challenges for their business activities. Bluetooth has evolved into a versatile, energy-efficient technology fit to implement emerging industrial applications that can improve and maximize the potential and reach of Industrial IoT systems. Watch Now >

Auracast™ - Hear, There and Everywhere

Most everyone reading this enjoys the benefits of Bluetooth®. Providing short-range wireless point-to-point solutions for many applications, including computer input devices (e.g. mice/keyboards), handsfree mobile phone communication, and streaming music to earbuds and speakers, Bluetooth has relieved us of cable anxiety.

Automated Emergency Light Testing Through Bluetooth Mesh

During a summer internship at Nordic, I took on a project that focused on applying Bluetooth® Mesh technology in a practical setting. The project concentrated on making emergency lighting testing in commercial buildings more efficient. Traditional methods for testing these lights are time-consuming and expensive for several reasons. Each light fixture must be manually checked, […]

Building a More Sustainable, Connected World

In today’s sustainability-conscious world, where being carbon-neutral is an imperative for companies, consumers, and countries as they grapple with an ever-increasing energy demand driven by increasing urbanization, it has become essential to adopt technology solutions that both minimize waste and provide energy efficient benefits to their users. The Internet of Things is being challenged to […]

Coded PHYs + Advertising Coding Selection = Superior Bluetooth® Range

Bluetooth® v5.0 introduced LE Coded PHYs to extend the original range of the 1M PHY through the use of error correction techniques (FEC) and pattern mapping. Remarkably, Coded PHYs boosted the range of Bluetooth® LE without increasing radio transmit power, but the tradeoff was a reduction in protocol data rate, or raw throughput, since the […]

Channel Sounding: Technical Overview (Pt 1)

Channel Sounding is an innovative new feature coming to Bluetooth technology, enabling distance estimation between two devices with a high level of accuracy. The Bluetooth technical community, including Packetcraft, has been working on Channel Sounding implementations for many months now, and a draft Channel Sounding specification was released by the Bluetooth SIG in 2023.

IoT Smart Tracking Streamlines Logistics Management End-to-End

In a world of constant flux, wireless communication revolutionizes inbound and outbound logistics by streamlining workflows, decision-making, costs, and overall efficiency. The movement of goods and services from their source to the consumer involves numerous steps. Traditional practices like manual data recording, scheduled equipment maintenance, and extensive reliance on paper-based procedures can significantly impact cost-efficiency […]

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