Smartlock Provides Unparalleled Security

As more and more devices become smart devices with internet connectivity, the urgency to keep those devices secure grows. Everything from baby monitors to wearable health trackers provide an increased value to their users by being internet connected. But with that value comes potential new risks, and it’s critical that device manufacturers do the complicated […]

5 Reasons Financial Institutions Should Convert to Smart Buildings

Financial institutions, factories, warehouses and workplaces of every kind are still in lockdown or, at a minimum, operating at a fraction of their normal capacity due to safety restrictions put in place. This shutdown is expected to last until there is a vaccine available for the virus. The costs of the lockdown, already enormous, will […]

Employee Safety is The Key to Factory Operational Excellence

As we start to move into the next phase of mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic, factories are going to open up again. However, hesitation is likely, especially given the number of outbreaks that have happened in meatpacking plants. The factory floor is not an easy place to practice social distancing and most factories are not designed […]

Location Infrastructure Installer’s Guide Part 1: Deploying RTLS Solutions (Gateway Infrastructure)

There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to the infrastructures that support indoor location-based solutions. Every deployment has its own unique requirements, setting and context. Broadly speaking, we can group most installations into two categories, beacon-based and gateway (or access point-based). Their separate categories result from the fundamental differences in their missions. Each is […]

Advantages of Wireless Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for Industrial Automation

In comparison to today’s consumer products that offer enhanced connectivity and a more immersive user experience through innovative wireless HMI designs, industrial products continue to employ physical interfaces typically featuring HMIs that rely on small displays or simple LEDs and resort to electromechanical switches or pushbuttons as their primary means of interaction. By using modern, […]

Bluetooth Deployment in Hospital Settings

This white paper focuses on Bluetooth technology. The reason for this focus is to counter the fact that, traditionally, healthcare organizations have typically avoided relying on Bluetooth due to concerns about performance and security. Adding Bluetooth devices to hospital settings was simply adding yet one more RF technology in an already-congested wireless space. But, because […]

Bluetooth Low Energy and the Automotive Transformation

The automotive industry has been experiencing a tremendous transformation. For many consumers, cars are evolving from being just a transport medium to becoming an integral part of their digital lives. The modern automobile is a technology hub hosting wireless technologies like GPS, Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, near field communication (NFC) and cellular (4G/5G), all serving as complementary […]

IoT Hero OnAsset Intelligence: Tapping Bluetooth to Track Assets Across Global Supply Chains

OnAsset Intelligence is a leading provider of supply chain monitoring and tracking technology that helps companies track high-value or mission-critical assets across the global supply chain. The company works across a wide range of sectors and tracks everything – from life-saving immunotherapy treatments and vaccines to perishables and high-value goods. The company has created Bluetooth […]

Digital Key – The Future of Vehicle Access

Our mobile devices play an important role in our lives, enabling us to consolidate information and tools supporting nearly all of our daily activities into a single device. Digital Key allows us to use our mobile devices to easily access, and share access to, our vehicles.

Dyer Engineering Installs Location Tracking to Manage Workflows at Sites

Dyer Engineering is an innovative group of fabrication and machining businesses with wide-ranging capabilities to manufacture metal components and structures. The company also offers maintenance, repair and overhaul support services to keep equipment, facilities and processes running.