meet the new blue

Brand Best Practices & Guidelines

New Branding Information

Bluetooth is the champion of human innovation and an essential catalyst for the IoT. As such, we are creating a new visual and creative identity to support it. You will notice changes in the color of the Bluetooth logo and the use of the tagline, “Unthinkably Connected.”

One fundamental change is the phasing out the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready logos and word marks in 2016 (see page 5 of the brand guide). We hope you agree these are important and exciting changes for our brand and positioning ourselves at the center of the future wireless world. Download the brand guide for the full details. 

General Brand Guidelines

The Bluetooth brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world—up to 92% consumer awareness.* Members of the Bluetooth SIG with fully qualified and listed products gain the right to use the Bluetooth word mark and logos. The Bluetooth® Trademark License Agreement (BTLA) and Brand Guide fully describe appropriate use of the marks. However, this outline will give you the basics at a glance. After you read the Brand Guide and BTLA and you still have unanswered questions, submit a support request to the brand manager

  • All your products must be properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreements
  • The Bluetooth word mark is a trademark too! That means the spelling can’t change. You can use the English and its Traditional Chinese (藍牙), Simplified Chinese (蓝牙), Japanese (ブルートゥース), or its Korean translation (블루투스). The Bluetooth word mark may not be translated into any other language
  • You should never use the word Bluetooth or any of the logos as the only mark or logo on marketing collateral or packaging—any brand marks must be secondary to the licensee’s brand. See page 10 of the Brand Guide for more details
  • Never use the Bluetooth word mark as a noun. The first time you use the word Bluetooth on any marketing collateral or website, the words “wireless technology” or another secondary, generic term should be used. For example, “Bluetooth wireless technology,” “Bluetooth technology,” or “Bluetooth enabled product” are all acceptable first uses
  • The “®” symbol needs to appear in superscript with the figure mark and the combination mark at all times and included with the word mark—Bluetooth®—on the first and most prominent use. See page 6 of the Brand Guide for more details
  • Whenever the Bluetooth word mark, figure mark, and/or combination mark are used, they must be attributed within a footnote that denotes their trademark status. The footnote for using the trademark is as follows: “The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by [licensee name] is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.” The footnote itself may be presented in small type, but type size must be large enough to be legible
  • Never use the word Bluetooth as part of a pun, joke or possessive. It should never be hyphenated or used as a possessive. “Blueteeth,” “Bluetoothy,” “Bluetooth’s,” or “Bluetooth-enabled” are not acceptable uses. Refer to page 8 in the Brand Guide
  • Never incorporate the word Bluetooth into the name of company, business, or Internet domain name. Only the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Inc. is authorized to use the word in such a way
  • There are explicit guidelines for visual representation of all proprietary Bluetooth images and marks. If you are using the Bluetooth marks or word on any packaging or marketing materials refer to pages 12–24 in the Brand Guide

*Source: Brand Equity Study 2016, Lux Insights