Step-By-Step Guide to the Bluetooth Brand

Using the brand correctly is critical to the success of your product.

The Bluetooth® brand is globally recognizable with up to 92% consumer awareness.* This is why so many companies use the Bluetooth word mark and logo on their packaging and advertising, and throughout their marketing. When consumers see the Bluetooth brand they know the product is trusted and will work with any of the other Bluetooth products they already own.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) owns and protects the Bluetooth brand. This page provides all the information you need to know when using the Bluetooth trademarks.

  1. You must be a member of the Bluetooth SIG
  2. Your product must be fully qualified and declared in order to use the brand
  3. There is an easy-to-follow guide available that must be followed when applying the trademarks to packaging, products, websites, and other marketing materials:
    • Brand Usage Guide & Images
  4. The Bluetooth SIG does enforce the brand guidelines
  5. If you are ever unsure about which mark to use, where you can put it or if you can even use it, you can always contact the Brand Manager

*Source: Brand Equity Study 2016, Lux Insights