Last But Not Least - Location, Location, Location

This year, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bluetooth technology by thanking the amazing community of innovative Bluetooth members responsible for the milestone. Over the course of the year, we’re releasing a series of videos showcasing the four core Bluetooth solution areas through the eyes of some of the Bluetooth member companies that have helped bring them to life.

The traditional Bluetooth solution areas, audio streaming and point-to-point data transfer, are what Bluetooth is most known for. But our member community has spent the last two decades continually adding capabilities to the technology to address new markets and uncover new ways to enhance the lives of billions around the world.

Last year’s launch of Bluetooth mesh networking marked the formal entry of Bluetooth into another solution area by introducing a new standard for enabling large-scale device networks in residential, commercial, and even industrial environments. One year later, the rate of adoption in smart buildings and smart homes has exceeded all expectations.

We’ve also seen an explosion of Bluetooth broadcast beacons that is driving significant traction in a fourth solution area, indoor positioning and location services. The 2018 Bluetooth Market Update predicts that indoor positioning and location services will be the fastest growing Bluetooth solution area over the next five years.

Watch the latest video in our 20th anniversary series to hear more about the technology’s place in indoor positioning and location services from some member companies who are playing in the space. 


Enhancing Bluetooth Location Services with Direction Finding

A new Bluetooth direction finding feature allows devices to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal, thereby enabling the development of Bluetooth proximity solutions that can understand device direction as well as Bluetooth positioning systems that can achieve down to centimeter-level location accuracy.


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