Specification Details

Low Complexity Communication Codec 1.0

This specification defines a Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3), which is an efficient codec for audio applications, including hearing aid applications, speech, and music. This version supports frame intervals of 7.5 ms and 10 ms.

The following Errata Correction is mandatory when claiming compliance to Low Complexity Communication Codec:

  • Errata Correction 16703 addresses adding the missing zero-initialization of the byte buffer prior to arithmetic coding.


Qualification Test Documents

Test Suite ICS IXITs/Other TCRL
Low Complexity Communication Codec ICS   TCRL

Test Software

Version Release Date
V1.0.6 11 Jan 2022
V1.0.5 1 Oct 2021
V1.0.4 20 Aug 2021
V1.0.3 17 Jun 2021
V1.0.2 15 Jun 2021
V1.0 25 May 2021


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