Developer Resources & Tools

Are you ready to develop with blue?

If you are ready to develop with blue, we can get you started with information and development tool kits that will make the job of learning to build with Bluetooth® wireless technology faster and easier. No matter what your experience level, we have the right kit to get you started.

Learn Bluetooth basics

Bluetooth Developer Starter Kit—is a comprehensive package that includes foundation-level information and hands-on labs that walk you through assembling a Bluetooth low energy device from basic parts and a mobile application to go with it. 

Learn how to build Bluetooth apps

Application Accelerator 2.1—teaches you how to develop Bluetooth apps that work on tablets, smartphones, or PCs across Tizen 2.4, Windows 10, iOS 9 in Swift and Android 6.0.

Learn how to build Bluetooth beacons

Beacon Smart Starter Kit—teaches you how to build your own Bluetooth beacon or integrate beacon technology into your existing products and apps.

Learn how to connect Bluetooth devices to the Internet

Bluetooth Secure Gateway Kitteaches you how to move data from all of your Bluetooth devices into the cloud without a mobile device while giving you the ability to control all of them from one place.

Learn how to create Bluetooth custom services and profiles

Bluetooth Developer Studio—teaches you about Bluetooth profiles and services and how they work.  Through a graphical drag-and-drop interface, you can learn about the Bluetooth Specification and experiment using adopted profiles and services as well as creating your own custom profiles and services

Additional Resources

Bluetooth Developer ForumsBluetooth developers can ask questions, share ideas and get smarter about Bluetooth.

Developer Training—we travel around the world to show you how to develop the next big thing for the IoT.

Developer Blog—tips & tricks and updates on Bluetooth

Need additional help with your development? We have service providers in many areas including developer partners, test equipment, qualification and many more.