The Bluetooth Mesh Developer
Study Guide 1.0

The Bluetooth mesh specifications were adopted in the summer of 2017 and represent a milestone of major importance for Bluetooth technology as it enters its 20th year of existence in 2018. Bluetooth mesh allows networks of thousands of Bluetooth devices to be created so that every device and system in a large building can be monitored and controlled, for example. Smart buildings, smart commercial lighting, and smart industry are amongst the sectors and applications which will exploit Bluetooth mesh.

For developers, Bluetooth mesh represents an opportunity to learn something new and get involved with a technology which will be widely adopted and make an impact in all sorts of ways. So, to help developers learn about Bluetooth mesh, we’ve created the Bluetooth Mesh Study Guide.

Hands-On Learning

The Bluetooth Mesh Study Guide is a self-study resource which succinctly explains key Bluetooth mesh concepts and terms. But it goes much further than that, recognising that for developers, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and no more satisfying a way to learn than to roll up your sleeves and create something.

Working your way through the selection of coding exercises, the guide gives you the opportunity to develop a working mesh network, with devices acting as on/off switches, dimmer controls, and as a simple light. You’ll learn about a variety of Bluetooth mesh models and cement your understanding by implementing these models using the SDK for the Zephyr RTOS, which is available for use with a wide variety of boards.

Over to You

Download the Bluetooth mesh developer study guide today and become a Bluetooth mesh developer!


Bluetooth Mesh Developer Study Guide

The Bluetooth Mesh Developer Study Guide is a self-study educational resource which covers both the theory and practice of Bluetooth mesh device firmware development.


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