The Bluetooth LE Audio specifications were recently completed, and with that milestone comes exciting new capabilities, including the ability to broadcast audio using Bluetooth® technology. This new Bluetooth LE Audio feature enables an audio transmitter to broadcast to an unlimited number of nearby Bluetooth audio receivers and opens significant opportunities for innovation, including a powerful new capability, Auracast™ broadcast audio.

“Bluetooth technology is extending its track record of innovation with the launch of Auracast™ broadcast audio,” said Peter Liu, System Architect, Pixel Ecosystem Products at Google. “We are proud to work with the Bluetooth SIG and are excited to see this capability provide consumers with new, imaginative ways to connect with each other and hear their world.”

Now that the specs are out, it is a good time to look at how they might impact audio development for audio developers.


Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.


Adding Support for Auracast™ Broadcast Audio in Your Product

The recently completed Bluetooth LE Audio Specification suite includes a new architecture and more than 20 specifications. This collection of resources is designed to help developers, product managers, and executives involved in wireless audio product development get familiar with the new architecture and get started developing innovative Bluetooth LE Audio products and solutions.

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a set of defined configurations of Bluetooth® broadcast audio which are specified within the Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) specification that enables new, globally interoperable audio experiences for consumers.


LE Audio Resources for Developers

The Bluetooth LE Audio Specifications are complete. Access a library of technical resources including a book, videos, study guides, and more designed to help you get familiar with the new LE Audio architecture, the individual specifications, and the capabilities Bluetooth LE Audio brings, including Auracast™ broadcast audio.


Qualify & Branding Your Audio Innovation

Like all products that incorporate Bluetooth® technology, products that include support for Auracast™ broadcast audio must complete the Bluetooth Qualification Process. The Bluetooth Qualification Process promotes global product interoperability and helps Bluetooth SIG member companies ensure their products comply with licensing requirements for the use of the Bluetooth® trademarks in conjunction with their products, including the Auracast™ trademarks.

Product developers who qualify their products to the Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) specification through the Bluetooth Qualification Process and meet the additional requirements of use that are detailed in the Brand Guide for Bluetooth Trademarks can be licensed to use the Auracast™ trademarks in association with those qualified products. In addition to detailing the licensing requirements for using the Auracast trademarks, the Brand Guide for Bluetooth Trademarks (page 18) also provides rules and guidelines when applying them to products, websites, and supporting promotional materials.

For products that indicate they implement and meet the requirements for the PBS role as defined in the PBP Specification must also meet the following requirements to use the Auracast Trademarks:

  • The product must be configurable by the end user to broadcast a Standard Quality Public Broadcast Audio stream (as defined in the PBP Specification) within an Auracast™ broadcast. An “Auracast™ Broadcast” means an audio broadcast using Bluetooth® wireless
    technology that complies with the PBP Specification, including transmission of the Public Broadcast Announcement.
  • If the product is marketed for use within a Public Location (where “Public Location” means any public, private, or commercial venue, building, mode of transportation, or open space), the product’s default setting must be set to broadcast a Standard Quality Public Broadcast Audio stream when the product is configured to transmit an Auracast™ broadcast. Products marketed for a Public Location include, but are not limited to, public address systems, assistive listening systems, and commercial televisions.

To learn more, developers can access a library of technical resources including a book, videos, study guides, and more designed to help them get familiar with the new Bluetooth LE Audio architecture, the individual specifications, and the capabilities Bluetooth LE Audio brings, including Auracast broadcast audio.


Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.


このほど完成したLE Audioの仕様には、Bluetooth®テクノロジーを用いたオーディオ放送など、エキサイティングな新機能が盛り込まれました。このLE Audioの新機能により、オーディオ送信機から受信範囲内にある台数無制限のBluetoothオーディオ受信機に向けた放送を可能にするAuracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオのパワフルな新機能を含む、大きな技術革新の機会がもたらされています。

Googleのピクセル・エコシステム・プロダクツ(Pixel Ecosystem Products)担当システム・アーキテクトのピーター・リウ(Peter Liu)氏は、次のように述べています。「Bluetoothテクノロジーは、Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオのリリースにより技術革新にいっそうの実績をもたらしています。私たちはBluetooth SIGと協業できることを誇りに思い、本機能がユーザーに対し、互いにつながり、自分たちの世界をより深く知るための、新しい想像力に富んだ手法をもたらすことを期待しています」


自社製品にAuracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオ対応を追加する

完成したLE Audio仕様スイートには、新たな設計と20を超える仕様が含まれています。 このリソースコレクションは、ワイヤレスオーディオ製品の開発に携わる開発者、プロダクトマネージャーや経営陣が新たな設計を理解し、革新的な LE Audio製品およびソリューション開発を始められるよう設計されています。

Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオは、Public Broadcast Profile (以下、PBP)仕様内で指定されたBluetooth® ブロードキャスト オーディオの定義済みの構成セットであり、ユーザーがグローバルに相互運用できる新たなオーディオ体験を実現します。


Bluetooth®テクノロジー搭載のすべての製品と同様、Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオ対応製品は、Qualification Workspaceを使用しBluetooth認証プロセスを完了する必要があります。Bluetooth認証プロセスは、製品のグローバルな相互運用を促し、Bluetooth SIG加盟企業がAuracast™商標をはじめとするBluetooth®商標を冠した製品をリリースする際に、ライセンス要件への適合確認に役立ちます。


開発者向け技術リソースライブラリには、新しいLE Audioのアーキテクチャ、各仕様、Auracast™ ブロードキャスト オーディオを含むLE Audioが提供する機能を理解するための書籍、ビデオ、学習ガイドなどをご用意しています。

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