Specification Details

Basic Audio Profile 1.0

This profile defines how devices can distribute and/or consume audio using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) wireless communications.

The following Errata Corrections are mandatory when claiming compliance to Basic Audio Profile:

If you submit a product that supports single and dual service earbuds/headset setups for Basic Audio Profile (BAP) 1.0 qualification, it is important that the product implements the Errata Correction 18524 and associated TSE 18561. Specifically, those who support BAP 44/10 or 44/11 (Audio Configurations 8(i) or 8(ii)) must support both of those items. Similarly, those who support BAP 44/15 or 44/16 (Audio Configurations 11(i) or 11(ii)) must support both.

  • Errata Correction 18556 clarifies the requirements for the use of Cross-Transport Key Derivation (CTKD) to generate Long Term Keys (LTKs) for devices operating over both the Low Energy (LE) and Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) transports. This errata correction removes the requirement for devices to support CTKD to derive an LE LTK as part of the BR/EDR pairing procedure and adds a requirement for BR/EDR/LE Peripheral devices that are discoverable over BR/EDR to also be discoverable over LE. This allows Central devices to pair with BR/EDR/LE Peripheral devices over LE first and to use CTKD to derive a BR/EDR link key.


Qualification Test Documents

Test Suite ICS IXITs/Other TCRL
Basic Audio Profile ICS IXIT TCRL
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