Bluetooth® Mesh Masterclass

This webinar covers a wide range of aspects relating to Bluetooth® mesh lighting control networks and provides next-level understanding of the following principles: Radio network principles Bluetooth mesh principles of operation Security and provisioning Information publishing and subscribing Lighting models Distributed lighting control

Location Services and Direction Finding with Bluetooth

Bluetooth is being used for many types of location service and it’s an area forecast to experience the biggest growth in the next few years, with 431 million location related Bluetooth devices shipping in 2023. In 2019, Bluetooth acquired a new capability which allows the direction of a signal to be accurately determined using two […]

Bluetooth® Mesh: the Benefits for Lighting

In the world of smart lighting, there has long been a debate about which protocol is “best” for use in lighting products and applications. In this session, Edward Lees, Global Head of Technical Product development at Feilo Sylvania will share his perspective on the benefits that Bluetooth mesh can realize for lighting OEMs and customers.

Global Forum Roundtable: Global Observation – Ever Connected

We need various perspectives to continue to evolve the smart home market and provide the best connections, products, and solutions. Our own Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations, joins panelists Accenture, Bazz, and Indigogo to discuss the advancement of the smart home and other global IoT industries.

Latest Advancements and Global Trends in Bluetooth for the Internet of Things

Bluetooth technology is already the number one installed communication method in the IoT and growing rapidly. In this session, Jim Katsandres from the Bluetooth SIG will discuss trends in Bluetooth technology in everything from the next generation of Bluetooth audio to COVID-19 exposure notification solutions, indoor navigation, centimeter level realtime location services (RTLS) and building […]

Controlling Bluetooth® Mesh Networks with Android Applications

Bluetooth® mesh is a new Bluetooth technology which was released in 2017. It allows secure networks of tens of thousands of Bluetooth devices to be created and truly smart, self-optimizing buildings to be created, with sensors, lights, air-conditioning units and more, all working wirelessly and automatically together. Bluetooth mesh networks and the devices they contain […]

Advanced Bluetooth for Android Developers

Android developers can take this guided tour of the most recent features and interesting advancements in Bluetooth technology, from range exceeding a kilometer, to speeds twice as fast, broadcasting data to unlimited receivers, and the creation of secure device networks.

Previewing the Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio

Watch a key contributor guide developers through the next generation of Bluetooth audio, including the reasons why a new generation was needed and technical overviews of the key new features of LE Audio Nick Hunn, WiFore Consulting

Discussing Bluetooth Range

Watch Nordic address some of the most common myths concerning Bluetooth range, discuss the key factors that influence the effective range of a reliable wireless connection, and offer design tips for developers to achieve the optimal range for their specific use case. Bjørn Kvaale, Product Marketing Engineering, Nordic Semiconductor ASA