Panasonic Access IoT 2021

Understanding Reliability in Bluetooth® Technology

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Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA

Date and Time: 17 June, 9:15 CEST 

Description: Achieving reliability is a common goal of most communication systems, whatever their technological basis. But in practice, achieving this goal usually presents some serious engineering challenges.

Most wireless communications technologies use radio as the underlying physical medium for conveying data between devices. The use of radio has many inherent issues that make achieving reliability, especially in environments containing larger numbers of wireless devices, somewhat difficult. But the use of radio is not the only source of reliability challenges. The job of the wireless communication technology designer is without question, a tough one.

Bluetooth® technology offers numerous capabilities and techniques, distributed throughout the stack for achieving reliable communication in the most formidable circumstances and on top of an inherently unreliable physical medium.

In this session, we’ll review some of the sources of potential reliability issues and how Bluetooth® technology addresses them.

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About the Conference: 

Following the great success at “Access IoT 2019”, Panasonic Industry Europe hosts the next Access IoT conference, which takes place on 17th of June in hybrid form, in the brandnew setting of Panasonic Experience Center “CXC” in Munich, Germany as well as online. The conference will feature stimulating short range wireless presentations by industry experts and live demonstrations that discuss applications and technical solutions for IoT (Internet of Things). For the 2021 edition, the focus lies on key applications for Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Factory and Smart Healthcare.