LuxLive Summer Webinars 2020

Bluetooth® Mesh Masterclass 

Presenter: Szymon Slupik CTO and co-founder at Silvair, 

Date and time: 18 June 2020, 11:00 BST 


This webinar will cover a wide range of aspects related to Bluetooth® mesh, giving you the understanding of the following principles, from the angle of practical implementations of lighting mesh products:

1. Radio network principles

2. Bluetooth mesh principles of operation

3. Security and provisioning

4. Information publishing and subscribing

5. Lighting models

6. Distributed lighting control 

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About the conference: 

Bluetooth® mesh is disrupting and revolutionising lighting control and pushing the boundaries of what the industry thought could be done with lighting – so to stay ahead it’s crucial to keep pace with this exciting and game-changing technology. 

LuxLive has partnered up with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to bring a series of webinars this summer on key aspects of Bluetooth mesh. These exclusive online events will help upskill lighting professionals and deliver valuable insights into the features and unique opportunities presented by the tech. You can view more information here.