LpS Digital 2021

Interoperable Standards for Monitoring Energy in Networked Lighting Systems 

Presenter: Simon Slupik, CTO and co-founder, Silvair 


Energy efficiency has been the key driver behind widespread adoption of networked lighting control systems (NLCs). There are multiple standards for energy monitoring, each covering part of the whole solution: 

– DALI / D4I define the energy – related capabilities of LED drivers 

– ANSI C137.5 defines performance requirements for devices that report energy data 

– Bluetooth Mesh to DALI Gateways enable incorporating data-enabled luminaires into a native Bluetooth® mesh network 

– Bluetooth Mesh Profile, Bluetooth Mesh Model and Bluetooth Mesh Device Properties define transport and representation of the energy data on a system level. 

This webinar discusses how these standards play together for a unified, fully interoperable experience. We will discuss the requirements for system components, practical methods for collecting luminaire-level measurements, and system-level approach to collection, aggregation and visualization of energy data. 

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