Droidcon Italy: The Webinar Series 2020

Controlling Bluetooth Mesh Networks with Android Applications 

Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Senior Developer Relations Manager 

Description: Bluetooth mesh is a new Bluetooth technology which was released in 2017.  It allows secure networks of tens of thousands of Bluetooth devices to be created and truly smart, self-optimising buildings to be created, with sensors, lights, air-conditioning units and more, all working wirelessly and automatically together. 

Bluetooth mesh networks and the devices they contain need to be monitored and controlled, sometimes by humans using a GUI application. This session will explain how Android can be developed for this purpose.

About the conference: 

Leveraging the network of droidcon Italy speakers and experts comes a series of webinars addressing the most pressing issues in Android. The webinars are a great opportunity to stay in touch with best practice, hear ideas from the global Android community and raise your Android game. 

Webinar series is powered by Bluetooth. 

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