Codemotion Online Tech Conference 2020: Italian Edition

Advanced Bluetooth® Technology – Under the APIs 

Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA 

Date and Time: 25 November, 17:50 CET

Description: Bluetooth technology has changed enormously since its initial release about twenty years ago. Communication can now take place over distances in excess of a kilometre. It’s twice as fast as it used to be and connectionless communication through broadcasting data to an unlimited number of receivers has become extremely versatile and powerful. Oh and did you know,  you can also create secure networks of tens of thousands of smart devices using Bluetooth technology?  

All of these advanced capabilities are there for developers to exploit. By examining subjects like data rates, range and reliability, this talk will provide a guided tour of the most interesting and advanced aspects of Bluetooth technology and how they work, under the APIs. 

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