Global AloT Ecosystem Development Summit

Introducing Channel Sounding – Secure, Precise Ranging with Bluetooth® Technology


Gongyu Lu
Technical, Marketing Engineer
Bluetooth SIG

The Bluetooth SIG will soon launch Channel Sounding, a secure, fine ranging feature. Channel Sounding expands the existing set of Bluetooth® device positioning features that enable one device to determine the presence, distance, and direction of another. Gongyu’s presentation will provide an overview of the Bluetooth device positioning features, introduce Channel Sounding, and discuss how the Channel Sounding feature benefits key use cases.

About the Conference:

To empower businesses along the AIoT supply chain to fully capitalize on these emerging market opportunities, the Global AloT Ecosystem Development Summit will once again take place. The summit will align with the latest advancements in AI, computing, sensing, and communication technologies. It strategically invites front-runners in chip, module, and system manufacturing, bringing together a wealth of technical expertise and market resources from both the international and domestic AIoT spheres, to foster an innovative and thriving AIoT industry

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