Qualify your product

All products that use Bluetooth technology must be qualified.

It's true, all products that use any of the Bluetooth® trademarks (including the word "Bluetooth") must be qualified by completing all the testing requirements—based on the design's supported features. Successful completion of this process will grant you a Qualified Design Identification number (QDID) that is required for the Declaration process.

Important: If you are creating a product using an already qualified Bluetooth design (module or stack)—and you aren't changing anything—or adding your logo to and selling another member’s qualified Bluetooth product, you will not need to go through the qualification process. You will need to obtain the QDID from your supplier to use in the Declaration process. 

All Bluetooth products must be Declared, but you only need to qualify new or modified Bluetooth products.

Qualification Process

The qualification process is completed using the online tool, Launch Studio.

Step 1. ​Create a Qualification Project

  1. Choose the design Product Type (End Product, Subsystem, Component, Development Tool or Test Equipment)
  2. Select the design's supported Bluetooth specification features
  3. Verify feature compliance using the automated consistency checker in Launch Studio
  4. Generate the Test Plan

Step 2. Test Your Bluetooth

  1. Execute all test cases listed in the Test Plan
  2. Generate Test Evidence Report(s)
  3. Document test verdicts in Test Plan – once complete, this becomes your Test Declaration

Step ​3. ​Create and Store a Compliance Folder

Include all required documentation defined in the Program Reference Document (PRD) Section 3.2 (e.g. product description, design information, and test evidence)

Step ​4. ​Submit Test Evidence

Upload Test Declaration and Test Evidence Report