Designing and Developing Bluetooth® Internet Gateways

This self-study education resource for software developers and technical architects explains Bluetooth® Internet Gateways (BIGs), middleware which interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices with the internet. A BIG allows applications to exchange data with Bluetooth devices from anywhere in the world and is a key component of any Internet of Things solution architecture which involves Bluetooth technology.

This guide:

  • Illustrates the options for accommodating different types of Bluetooth LE devices in a BIG.
  • Includes a hands-on project to design and build a working prototype BIG, explaining and exploring the following topics throughout:
    • Logical and physical architectures
    • Component selection, development and integration
    • Gateway adapter code development and testing
    • Security
  • Includes a working prototype gateway web application which acts as a general purpose Bluetooth LE device explorer and acts as an example for review and self-study.
  • Includes an unfinished gateway web application for controlling a BBC micro:bit via the gateway, which you will finish by writing the missing gateway interaction code.
  • Explores and explains the issues and options for creating a scalable Bluetooth Internet Gateway solution, capable of handling a large number of concurrent Bluetooth connections.

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