In a recently released webinar, Bluetooth at the Edge: 2019 Market Update with the Bluetooth SIG (above), Bluetooth Senior Director of Strategy and Planning Chuck Sabin and Rigado Chief Revenue Officer Kevin Tate shared insight into the role Bluetooth technology will play in future commercial and industrial wireless solutions.

From Consumer Technology to Commercial Innovation

“We’re really seeing significant momentum in emerging commercial and industrial markets moving forward.”

– Chuck Sabin, Bluetooth SIG

According to the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update, annual shipments of Bluetooth products is on the rise with no sign of slowing down. More than 4 billion Bluetooth devices are expected to ship this year alone, and this number is expected to increase to 5.4 billion annual device shipments by 2023.

A large part of this success is credited to the wide range of solution areas created and supported by the Bluetooth community — from audio streaming and data transfer to location services and device networks. These four key solution areas have directly contributed to the diverse success of the technology and propelled Bluetooth technology from a consumer device feature to a commercial and industrial application. “We’re really seeing significant momentum in emerging commercial and industrial markets moving forward,” said Sabin. It’s the flexibility of Bluetooth that allows the community to ultimately meet the specific needs of so many different markets.

Considerations for Commercial IoT Bluetooth Solutions

One of Rigado’s chief areas of focus is on edge-data solutions that transfer data from smart building environments into the cloud. For years, Rigado has partnered with a diverse range of companies to leverage Bluetooth technology at scale in commercial environments.

“Bluetooth has gained a lot of momentum in what we think will be the primary method that people use to gather data from commercial environments.”

– Kevin Tate, Rigado

According to Tate, Bluetooth technology is having a major impact on commercial environments with location services implementations quickly growing to support a broad range of wayfinding, asset tracking, and space utilization solutions. “In the last year, Bluetooth technology has gained a lot of momentum in what we think will be the primary method that people use to gather data from commercial environments and the primary way that they connect to devices in those environments,” said Tate.

In the webinar, Tate goes on to explain why the traditional stovepipe approach is giving way to new methods for sending data to the cloud. “You can’t have a path to the cloud with a device gateway cloud endpoint for every single different use case,” said Tate. “You need the ability to create a shared and secure infrastructure so that a broad number of sensors and devices can leverage a common set of gateways, protocols, and data pipelines to get the data where it needs to go in the cloud.”

To help companies create shared infrastructures at scale using Bluetooth technology, Rigado has identified three areas where system integrators and solution providers might need support.

Watch the full webinar to see how  Rigado is supporting the creation of shared Bluetooth infrastructures at scale, and discover the major trends and forecasts highlighted in the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update.


2019 Bluetooth Market Update

Get exclusive access to the most important trends and forecasts for Bluetooth technology, and learn how the Bluetooth community continues to expand the technology to solve new connectivity challenges and address new market opportunities.


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