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Membership Agreements

New Membership Commitment Agreement Now in Effect

  • The Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors approved an update to the Bluetooth SIG Membership Commitment Agreement
  • The updated Membership Commitment Agreement applies to all current and new members (other than Promoter members). 
  • By continuing to be a member of Bluetooth SIG, each member is, and agrees to be bound by and must comply with, the updated Membership Commitment Agreement
  • You can review the updated Membership Commitment Agreement below. View the Membership Commitment Agreement FAQ.

Membership Agreements and Documents

A company registering for membership in the Bluetooth SIG enters into the membership agreements listed below. One of these agreements is the Bluetooth Trademark Licensing Agreement, which licenses a company to use the Bluetooth word mark and logos with qualified Bluetooth enabled products. The registrant consents to all agreements by electronic signature during registration.

If you have questions about the membership agreements, please cont​act us.

Corporate Documents

Membership Agreements