Do I need to declare or qualify my product?

To sell, brand or rebrand a product using any of the Bluetooth trademarks (including the word "Bluetooth"), you must complete the Bluetooth qualification and declaration process to demonstrate and declare your products satisfy the requirements of the Bluetooth license agreements

This process is sometimes referred to as “Qualification," “Listing," “Bluetooth Certified," or “Declaration.” Only products completing both qualification and declaration may display, feature or be offered under the Bluetooth trademarks.

Note: If you are a retailer or supplier simply selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and not branding or representing the product as your own, you do not need to qualify or declare the product. 

The Qualification & Declaration Process

There are two paths to qualification and declaration depending on how your actual Bluetooth design (module or stack) is set up. 

Path 1: Declaration Only

If you are using a Bluetooth design that you did not develop and do not own, start here.

Some examples of this include:

  • Using someone else's Bluetooth module in your product without any changes or additions
  • Adding your logo to a complete product manufactured by a third party

The Bluetooth design you are using must be previously qualified and must not be changed or added to in any way.

Previously Qualified Designs

Path 2: New & Changed Designs

Developing a new design? If you are using a new Bluetooth design in your product that has not gone through the qualification program, or if you are using a previously qualified design that has been modified, select this option.

Some examples of this option include:

  • Creating or modifying a Bluetooth module
  • Creating a Bluetooth module from scratch

New & Changed Designs


Once you know which path above is right for you, follow these steps to get your Bluetooth product to market.

Step 1   Become a Member   Both Paths
Step 2   Look up or obtain production information (QDID) from your supplier 
  Path 1
Step 2   Qualify Your Product   Path 2
Step 3   Purchase a Declaration ID   Both
Step 4   Submit Qualification Documentation   Path 2
Step 5   Create and Submit Your Declaration   Both
Step 6   Brand Your Bluetooth Product   Both