Declare Your Product

Is your Bluetooth already qualified? Then declare it.

To sell, brand or rebrand a product using any of the Bluetooth® trademarks (including the word "Bluetooth"), you must declare that your product(s) satisfy the requirements of the Bluetooth license agreements. This is sometimes referred to as “listing” your product. Simply complete a product listing that references the Qualified Design (QDID) for the product you built, changed, used or branded. Members may update their listings at any time including adding new products to their product list.

Important: A listing or declaration may include multiple products if each product implements the same QDID. This will save you from purchasing multiple DIDs. 

Note: If you are a retailer or supplier who is simply selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and you are not adding any logos, branding or representing the product as your own, you do not need to qualify or declare the product. 

Declaration Process

The declaration process is completed using the online tool, Launch Studio.

Step ​1. ​Purchase a Declaration ID

Price depends on membership level—see the fees page for more information. You can purchase your Declaration ID here.             

​Step 2. Create a New Listing

Using the online tool, Launch Studio:

  1. Reference the new project or QDID(s) of the Qualified Design(s) being declared
  2. List your product(s)

There are resources to help you through the process including the Declaration Process (DPD)