Teledyne LeCroy is offering special discounts to Promoter and Associate members on its Bluetooth Protocol Analyzers.

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Frontline Sodera Wideband B​luetooth Protocol An​​alyzer​​

15% Discount

Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer family available in six different configurations to meet your testing needs.

  • Capture ALL Bluetooth channels concurrently (Wideband)—see Bluetooth BR/EDR and/or Bluetooth with low energy across all device and channels simultaneously
  • Easy and Flexible Excursion Mode—Sodera has a rechargeable battery and system memory. Now, with the click of a button, you’re gathering data in the field or in the lab, with no PC attached! Great for automotive applications and in-field applications
  • One Click Sniffing—click one button to see every Bluetooth device and connection in the air and over the wire, then select the connections you want to analyze
  • Capture Now, Decrypt Later—easily capture the entire connection process, including SSP pairing, for decryption and debugging at any time
  • Unrivalled Portability—on board battery for uninterrupted use in the field and away from the outlet, only 2.2 pound, and tiny footprint (6.25”x 2.125” x 6.5”)
  • Spectrum Analysis—see visual representation (heat map) of RF energy in the 2.4 GHz ISM band by itself or displayed behind decoded packets – great for identifying possible conflicts and issues
  • Wi-Fi meets Bluetooth—Sodera lets you see Wi-Fi packets synced with Bluetooth packets to reveal collisions and other issues when connected with the Frontline 802.11 analyzer via ProbeSync clock sharing technology.
  • Advanced Audio Analysis—includes industry leading Audio Expert System to detect and identify Bluetooth events that cause audio problem.

This offer is valid only once per member company.

Frontline​ BPA® low energy B​luetooth Protocol An​​alyzer​​

50% Discount

Extremely portable, USB powered Bluetooth with low energy protocol analyzer that uses the powerful Frontline software.

  • Analyze NOW—see events as they occur through live decoding and decryption of encrypted data
  • No Hassles Decoding—features simple device setup for developers of Bluetooth technologies. Just plug and go!
  • Excellent Value—tailored specifically to low energy analysis, the Frontline BPA low energy features maximum value for the money
  • Industry-best Decodes—Bluetooth decodes makes for reliable development and problem-solving
  • Maximum Flexibility—using DecoderScript, shipped with the Frontline software, lets you create decodes for custom protocols
  • Faster to Market—reduces debug time with simultaneous live capture, display, decode, filtering and detection of protocol errors

If your company purchased under the previous SIG program, you are still eligible for the BPA low energy

This offer is valid only once per member company.

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