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In April, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) executives visited member companies across four cities in Greater China to enhance engagement and drive innovation. On 23-24 April, in partnership with the Intelligent Connected Car Open Alliance (ICCOA) and the Intelligent Connected Car Ecosystem Alliance (ICCE), and alongside experts from Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, DENSO, NXP Semiconductors, Huawei, Goodix Technology, Lambda:4, Rohde & Schwarz, Xiaomi, Synopsys, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, and Yuanfeng Technology, the Bluetooth SIG hosted two workshops on the upcoming Bluetooth® Channel Sounding feature. These events, attended by hundreds from the smart vehicle industry, provided critical updates and infused new energy into the Chinese automotive sector.

Bluetooth® Channel Sounding enables secure, fine ranging between two Bluetooth devices, improving the accuracy and security of a wide range of Bluetooth devices and use cases, including Bluetooth digital keys. To help member companies in Greater China understand these advancements, the workshops gathered experts from various sectors to discuss the development and application of the technology.

With the rapid development of automotive intelligence, the consumer market has higher expectations for human-vehicle interaction. The digital key, as a crucial part of the human-vehicle interaction, has become a focal point within the industry. ICCOA and ICCE, as major industry associations established by automotive and intelligent terminal companies in China, play a leading role in promoting automotive industry intelligence. They are committed to deepening cooperation among smart device manufacturers, formulating technical standards, and continuously promoting the process of vehicle-smartphone interconnection.

APAC Channel Sounding 2

At the workshops, the Bluetooth SIG delivered impressive presentations on ranging methods, security, and application scenarios for Bluetooth Channel Sounding. In addition to providing greater security and accuracy to Bluetooth keyless entry solutions, the new secure fine ranging technology will enable Bluetooth item finding solutions to provide higher accuracy as users approach the located items and increase the performance and safety of Bluetooth Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions.

With market demand and technological maturity driving growth, digital car keys and human-vehicle interaction are thriving. The Bluetooth SIG will continue collaborating with the ICCOA, ICCE, and other standards organizations to advance Bluetooth Channel Sounding applications in the digital key sector, aiming to deliver a more convenient, secure, and intelligent driving experience in Greater China.


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