Executive Team

The executive team and board of directors work together to ensure the mission and goals of the Bluetooth SIG are fulfilled.

Mark Powell, Executive Director

Mark Powell is a wireless industry veteran and entrepreneur with more than 25 years experience in leadership positions at some of the industry's largest and most innovative mobile technology providers. Prior to joining the SIG in August 2012, he served as vice president of the client software business unit at Kineto Wireless, a company he co-founded in 2001 with the vision of using unlicensed spectrum to deliver cellular services.

At Kineto, Powell played a major role in the initial system design, work for which he is listed as inventor on several of the company's key patents. He was also responsible for establishing Kineto's critical technology alliances and industry standards position, both of which helped establish the company as an industry leader in mobile operator solutions for mobile VoIP, coverage, and offload.

Prior to Kineto, Powell served in executive roles at mobile industry leaders Nokia and later Motorola, where he led the handset division portfolio team launching many innovative products including some of Motorola's first Bluetooth® enabled phones.

A native of Portsmouth, U.K, Mr. Powell started his career in the mobile industry by joining British startup Technophone Ltd. (later acquired by Nokia) after graduating from Highbury College of Technology. At Technophone, he helped develop software and hardware for some of the world's first handheld mobile phones.

Now residing in Kirkland, WA with his wife MaryEllen, Powell enjoys sports, particularly football (soccer), and is an avid follower of his hometown team, Portsmouth F.C.

Christine Scott

Christine Scott, Assistant Executive Director & VP of Finance

Christine Scott is the vice president of finance and assistant executive director. In her position, Scott oversees all aspects of finance, operations, and human resources. Scott brings invaluable financial acumen, leadership, and integrity to this growing organization.

Scott started at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2002 when the organization was in its infancy, running with just contractors and volunteers—and only 2,500 members. Over the last twelve years, Scott implemented financial procedures and processes, a human resources program, operations procedures, and helped grow the SIG to support over 25,000 members.

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Maryland.


Ken Kolderup, VP of Marketing

Ken Kolderup leads an international team responsible for brand management, developer engagement and business development at the Bluetooth SIG. His team works in cooperation with more than 30,000 member companies to increase the awareness, adoption, and proliferation of Bluetooth technology, including its rapidly expanding role as a key enabler to the Internet of Things.

Kolderup brings over 25 years of brand marketing, business development, and general management experience to his role. Most recently, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Taqua, a key innovator and leading supplier of virtualized core network solutions to mobile operators worldwide. Prior to Taqua, Kolderup served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Kineto Wireless, as well as the general manager for the company’s core network products business unit. After starting his career at IBM, he went on to help build and lead several successful companies including Jetstream Communications, Edify and Centigram Communications.

Kolderup holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. A native of California, he enjoys mountain biking, surfing and spending time with his family, especially outdoors.

Marriot Winquist

Marriot Winquist, VP of Member Development and Services

Marriot Winquist is responsible for the growth, support, and development of the member​ship base at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Winquist oversees three pillars of the organization — Market Strategy and Insights, Member Development and Relations, and Member Tools. Her team delivers front-line support to the global membership base; provides guidance for members to get their products from development to market; utilizes member, market, and competitive insights to develop and drive prioritization of organizational strategies; and drives the roadmap for member tools – going across the entire chain from development, testing, qualification, and listing.

Winquist has over 18 years of combined technical and marketing experience, specializing in customer and membership management, engagement and growth. Prior to the SIG, she spent over six years at T-Mobile USA, developing and executing customer marketing and retention strategies for targeted segments.

Winquist holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia. Originally from Hong Kong, she made Vancouver B.C. her home for over 10 years, and now lives in the Seattle area with her husband.

Jeff MacDuff, VP of Engineering

Jeff MacDuff is the Vice President of the engineering team at Bluetooth. He oversees a diverse team of engineers committed to delivering tools & processes to support the members of the Bluetooth SIG.

Jeff brings 20 years of experience managing engineering teams, with a focus on enterprise, cloud, mobile, and connected car software products. He has led engineering efforts across a breadth of companies including Microsoft, in addition to co-founding several startups including Buddy.com. Most recently, Jeff served as VP of Mobile at a connected car company in Kirkland.

As a native of Seattle, Jeff is usually skiing or hiking in his spare time in-between Seahawks games.