Bluetooth SIG Membership and Working Groups

Membership Types/Levels

Bluetooth SIG Membership is only available to companies—individuals cannot become members.

There are two levels of Bluetooth SIG membership available: Adopter and Associate.

Adopter-level membership is free and is the basic level of membership. If your company becomes an Adopter-level member, it will receive the following membership benefits:

  • A license to build products using Bluetooth technology under and in compliance with the Bluetooth Patent/Copyright License Agreement
  • A license to use the Bluetooth trademarks on qualified products under and in compliance with the Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement
  • The ability to network and collaborate with tens of thousands of Bluetooth SIG members in a wide variety of industries—from chip manufacturers to application developers, device makers and service providers
  • Access to tools such as the Profile Tuning Suite (PTS)—this tool provides protocol and interoperability testing*

* Tools and services made available by Bluetooth SIG are provided subject to a member’s agreement to additional terms and conditions provided by Bluetooth SIG.

Apply for Adopter Membership

If your company becomes an Associate-level member, in addition to the benefits available to Adopter-level members, your company will have the ability to participate in Bluetooth SIG working groups and the specification development process, gain access to market intelligence reports, and receive a substantial savings on listing fees and protocol analyzers. Learn more about the benefits available to Associate Members.

Associate membership is only available as an upgrade to an Adopter membership. If your company would like to become an Associate member, it must first apply for an Adopter-level membership. If your company’s Adopter-level membership application is approved and after you are notified that your company’s Adopter membership has been issued, contact us for more information on upgrading to an Associate-level membership.