Using Bluetooth® Periodic Advertising with Response Feature to Control Wireless Battery Management Systems

In the beginning of 2023, Bluetooth SIG published a new version of Core specification, which enabled two new features, the Periodic Advertising with Responses (PAwR) and the Encrypted Advertising Data (EAD). Soon after the new version of the Core was published, new Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) service and profile specifications were released. The ESL feature provides standard approach to communicate with hundreds or thousands of tags. ESL may be also used to collect data from various sensors in a smart home on in an industrial environment. PAwR and EAD provide a way to build an efficient Wireless Battery Management System (WMBS). This will be discussed in the this talk. In the WBMS a battery management unit (BMU) collects battery data (e.g., state of health, state of charge) from the cell modules (CSUs). Some of the most important requirements to the WMBS include synchronization, meaning that CSUs need to perform measurements at the same time, high reliability and the lowest possible latency for delivering battery measurements to the BMU. PAwR perfectly fits to satisfy these requirements. As all CSUs receive broadcast from the BMU, the system is intrinsically synchronized. As each CSU has its own time slot to transmit data, there is no interference within the battery network. Efficient packing of the data in PAwR responses allows to reduce overall latency. By using certificate-based provisioning manufacturers can ensure that correct CSUs are installed into the battery network. The CYW20829 and CYW89829 Bluetooth low energy SoCs developed by Infineon allow to create ultra-reliable PAwR based solutions for commercial and automotive systems.

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