Our Vision

A connected world, free from wires.

We believe in a world where everything and everyone that wants to connect, should be able to do so in a simple, secure, and wireless way.

Our Mission

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is the not-for-profit membership organization that oversees Bluetooth® technology, the global standard for simple, secure device communication and positioning. The Bluetooth SIG is a unique blend of an international standards development organization, product certification body, patent pool and trademark license administrator, and industry trade association.

International Standards Development Organization

First and foremost, the Bluetooth SIG is an international standards development organization that expands the capabilities of Bluetooth® technology by facilitating collaboration between our member companies to create new and enhanced specifications. ​


active Bluetooth® technology enhancements underway at any given time

Product Certification Body

The Bluetooth SIG operates a product qualification program for members to verify that their products comply with requirements defined in Bluetooth specifications.


new products completing the Bluetooth Qualification Process in 2022 alone

Patent Pool and Trademark License Administrator

The Bluetooth SIG administers a licensing program that provides our members with royalty-free access to Bluetooth® technology patents and trademarks.


companies party to the Bluetooth® technology cross license

Industry Trade Association

The Bluetooth SIG collaborates with member companies to increase the awareness, understanding, and adoption of Bluetooth® technology.



Bluetooth® enabled products will ship in 2023 alone

Our Guiding Principles

When companies are deciding where to invest their resources (time, people and money), they choose Bluetooth, because we strive to be a community the best want to be part of and a standard the best want to build with.


Bluetooth is a professional, global organization where productivity flourishes and things get done. We prioritize work initiatives, supported and driven by our member organization, while being transparent and data driven with everything we do.

We believe that the best ideas and perspectives are formed from a community comprised of a diverse range in individual skills, perspectives, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Ranging from start-ups to established global organizations, we work together to make the world a more connected, interactive community.

The Bluetooth community is a place where people are respected and encouraged to learn and grow. From members, to developers, to our employees—Bluetooth strives to be a champion for individual and professional development, and a catalyst for you to become a leader of the organization.

Thought Leaders

With more than 8.2 billion Bluetooth products in use, the brand is recognized by 92% of consumers globally. This awareness didn’t happen overnight. We are strategic in the development of the technology, and believe in creating a standard that is focused and done right. We work to be thought leaders in the wireless industry and foster success through mutual cooperation, sharing of ideas, and engagement with our community of experts across cultures and disciplines.

The possibilities of Bluetooth technology are endless. As such, we want to be a standard where it’s easy to innovate on the specification to support whatever new ideas you may have. We do this by ensuring we have the best process in place and the right tools available for you to use.

We seek to be a standard where anyone, anywhere can easily develop a Bluetooth product and quickly bring it to market. We do this by:

  • enabling developers to truly deliver innovative products while also guaranteeing global interoperability
  • offering tools and training to support developers to quickly get their products to market

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