Technologies for Automotive Design & Test Seminar 2023

Highly Accurate and Secure Distance Measurement Using Bluetooth® Technology


Henry Wong
Senior Manager, Market Development
Bluetooth SIG

Paul Skentzos
System Architecture Lead – R&D – Connected Functions

Kyle Golsch
Senior Research Engineer

Date and Time: 5 April, 11:00 EST


From proximity to precise positioning, Bluetooth® technology powers a range of reliable location services that enhance the user experience and improve operational efficiencies.

In this seminar, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) will be joined by Denso, a leading solution provider, to talk about Bluetooth technology’s upcoming highly accurate and secure distance measurement capability for the automotive digital key. The Bluetooth SIG will deliver an overview of the location services market landscape, including trends and use cases enabled by Bluetooth technology, and the upcoming high accuracy and secure solution.  Denso will explain the different ranges for channel sounding, such as phased-based and round-trip timing, followed by various types of countermeasures to attacks, simulation findings, and a detailed description of how to obtain accurate results using multipath.

About the Conference:

Join Symbiosys Alliance for two days of wide-ranging presentations on the latest tools, techniques, and trends delivered by an all-star lineup of industry technology leaders, including standards organizations, test equipment manufacturers, and automotive silicon & IP developers.

This no-cost event, hosted by Symbiosys Alliance, is open to professionals working in the automotive industry, including OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Content is designed for engineers, technicians, marketing staff, and managers from engineering and manufacturing disciplines.

This seminar is a great opportunity for peer networking and 1:1 discussions on the latest technology specifications, the coming additions to those specifications, market trends, silicon availability and functionalities, and the advanced protocol and RF test tools that make it all happen.

Includes sideline exhibits featuring sponsors’ products and services.

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