LuxLive 2019

About the conference: 
LuxLive is one of the most respected events for the whole lighting industry supply chain, from lighting and component manufacturers to wholesalers, specifiers, and buyers. It is at the forefront of technology evolution, leads debates on the latest market trends and fosters learning opportunities on ever-changing regulations and best practice. 

The Bluetooth SIG will be the Headline sponsor for the Smarter Spaces and Smarter Lighting Arena. 

Bluetooth SIG member companies are also eligible for a 15% discount on exhibiting at the show.  If interested in this benefit, please contact us.

Participating Sessions:

Why Bluetooth Mesh is the Silver Bullet of Wireless Lighting Control

Presenter: Szymon Slupik, CTO and co-founder at Silvair

Date and time: 13 November, 12:00-12:30   

Location: Smart Spaces Arena 

Description: Designed specifically to address the challenging requirements of commercial wireless lighting control, Bluetooth mesh networking allows manufacturers of all sizes and geographies to join a globally interoperable ecosystem of devices that work with each other out of the box, enabling the widespread adoption of truly efficient connected lighting systems in commercial spaces. This session will look under the hood of the Bluetooth mesh specifications and outline the major advantages of choosing Bluetooth for your connected lighting platform. From its ease of commissioning to its distributed intelligence, find out why Bluetooth mesh networking is the first low-energy communication standard to provide a reliable, fast, and scalable wireless lighting control system, and why Bluetooth will be an essential IoT backbone for the next generation of flexible smart lighting. 

Qualified Bluetooth Mesh: A Rational Choice

Presenter: Hannes Wagner, Senior Product Portfolio Manager at Osram

Date and time: 13 November, 14:00-14:30 

Location: Smart Spaces Arena 

Description: By today, the majority of lighting installations are done in existing building infrastructures. Compared to new buildings the portion of dimmable lighting installation in Europe is still around 20%, so there is huge gap, respectively big opportunity, for energy savings and high quality of light. This session will explain why qualified Bluetooth mesh is a rational choice to unlock this potential based on characteristics likes scalability, security, reliability, simplicity and support. Finally, we will look into how to integrate Bluetooth mesh into luminaires and outline best practices for implementing Bluetooth mesh lighting networks. 

Lighting in Smart Spaces: The Specifier’s Guide

Presenter: Adil Sidiqi, SFAE Lighting for Key Accounts in EMEA

Date and time: 13 November, 16:00-16:30 

Location: Workplace and Wellbeing Arena

Description: Advances in intelligent wireless lighting control and connected lighting platforms are changing the lighting game. Lighting control is no longer stand-alone but a key enabler of whole building intelligence. In this session, you’ll hear the specifiers can design these next-generation solutions. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the design decisions in a real-world Bluetooth mesh implementation. 

Miniaturized LED Drivers and Bluetooth mesh Connectivity

Speaker: Harald Thomas, Vice President of European Sales for ERP Power

Date and time: 14 November, 12:00-12:30 

Location:Smart Spaces Arena 

Description: Hear from ERP expert with first-hand experience successfully implementing Bluetooth mesh networking technology. Get their assessment of the ease of provisioning and deployment, and see how they were able to prove that a Bluetooth based lighting system can reduce complexity of lighting control while achieving the performance and scalability of wired systems.

Using Interoperability to Future Proof Your Wireless Lighting Infrastructure with Bluetooth

Presenter: Blane Goettle, Vice President at McWong International

Date and time: 14 November, 13:30-14:00 

Location:Smart Spaces Arena 

Description: Good things happen when the ubiquity of lighting meets the ubiquity of Bluetooth. The potential of achieving interoperability means that lighting networks can encompass multiple vendors, control devices, even connectivity protocols. This provides tremendous flexibility to customers in creating a “future-proof” control infrastructure that can also extend beyond lighting, to serve as a natural platform for a range of valuable Bluetooth enabled services, including asset tracking, wayfinding, and point-of-interest information solutions. Learn how Bluetooth is helping achieve this level of interoperability in an actual demonstration at McWong in Sacramento, California, and discover why lighting as a platform is emerging as a model for deploying additional services and facilitating ‘beyond lighting’ capabilities that increase the value of your commercial lighting infrastructure.

Panel Sessions

How to Future-Proof Smart Tech

Panelist: Szymon Slupik, CTO and co-founder at Silvair

Date and time: 13 November, 16:30-17:00 

Description: What is best practice? Who’s responsibility is it? What is the life cycle? What if your supplier goes bust?

Agreed standards versus proprietary protocols – what’s best for everyone?

Panelist: Martin Woolley, Senior Developer Relations Manager at Bluetooth SIG

Date and time: 14 November, 15:30-16:00 

Description: Proponents of proprietary protocols say they allow for innovation and diversity.  But agreed standards give customers certainty and make interoperability possible. What’s best for the development of the lighting control market? Our panellists discuss the way forward.

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