IOT Global Innovation Forum 2020

Embracing Bluetooth® Technology: Global Trends and Market Update 

Presenter: Lori Lee, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC, Bluetooth SIG 

Date: 7 October 

Description: This presentation will cover the latest global trends and market opportunities, and new advancements in each of the key Bluetooth solution areas, including of audio streaming, data transfer, location service and devices network. 

Language: Mandarin Chinese 

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About the Conference: 

5G Convergence: The Opportunities and Challenges of IoT Ecosystem 

With the popularization of 5G, the progress of global 5G infrastructure is accelerating. With a combination of 5G and IoT, industries are looking at the technological transformation to move towards real-world applications. 2020 CES had showcased many innovative technologies brought by the IoT, including smart car, smart medical, smart home, and smart city…etc. While facing this huge business opportunity, what challenges will come up? 

About the Organizer: 

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