Creating the Internet of Things Generation


Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA


Created with the aim of inspiring and enabling youngsters to “get creative with coding”, a million tiny, programmable devices called BBC micro:bits were given to UK schools in 2016. It’s now available internationally and in use in over 40 countries.

The micro:bit’s potential in education goes way beyond its capacity to introduce students to the world of software development however. The next generation of technology entrepreneurs, inventors and leaders will pioneer new applications of technology to create and advance the Internet of Things (IoT), where all manner of object can be connected to other things and ultimately, to the internet itself. It was estimated that by 2020, 28 billion devices will be connected to the internet. That’s a big number! And it’s 2020 now!

Analysts identify a number of critical technologies and issues relating to the IoT. One of them is low power wireless communication, which allows small, highly constrained devices, to communicate with other machines wirelessly and yet be powered for many years from tiny batteries or better still, by energy harvesting techniques where no battery is needed at all.

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is the leading low power wireless communications technology and its supported by the micro:bit and many other devices. In fact, over 10 million Bluetooth devices ship every day. It’s in (almost) everything.

To create a new generation of IoT pioneers, wireless communication as well as coding must form part of any STEM education strategy. Coding plus Communication is the sweet spot for technology education.

In this session, you’ll be introduced to some of the things Bluetooth makes possible in the world of IoT and some of the key concepts. You’ll see some of the primary use cases demonstrated live using a tool designed for classroom use and you’ll be all set at the end of the session to start planning inspiring and valuable educational activities and projects which exploit the power of Bluetooth wireless communication.

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