Bluetooth Japan Online Seminar 2021

Reimagining Wireless Communication


  • Ken Kolderup, Chief Marketing Officer, Bluetooth SIG
  • Shimon Kiwada, Development & Relations Manager, Qualification, Bluetooth SIG


From wireless audio and wearables to location services and devices network solutions, Bluetooth technology has been bringing fantastic innovations to the world for more than two decades. This seminar is consisted of 8+ online presentations, covering LE Audio, location services, commercial lighting, and other future highlights. Guest speakers are coming from Bluetooth SIG’s member companies, including Silicon Labs, Carecom, Toshiba, Tokyo University, Sony…etc. The seminar will illustrate the new trends, opportunities and potential growth areas for Bluetooth solutions to help you better understand the latest updates in Bluetooth market and technology.

Japanese, English (depends on the session)

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About the Conference:
This conference is the largest annual Bluetooth event in Taiwan and has been held for over 10 years, attracting many Bluetooth developers, manufacturers, and other industry experts to participate. In order to comply with the COVID-preventing efforts and break through the geographical limitations, the 2021 event will still be presented online. The theme of this year’s conference is Reimagining Wireless Communication.

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