Bluetooth Technology Used for IoT Application at IOTE 2022

Life-Changing Audio Experiences – Introducing Bluetooth LE Audio and the New Brand of Auracast™ Broadcast Audio


Lori Lee
Marketing Director, APAC & China
Bluetooth SIG


Details of LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth audio specifications will be elaborated. Building on 20 years of innovation, LE Audio will enhance the performance of Bluetooth audio, add support for hearing aids, and introduce exciting new features that will enable the creation of new products and use cases. This year, LE Audio added AuracastTM broadcast audio, an innovative new Bluetooth capability with the potential to deliver life-changing audio experiences will also be introduced. With the introduction of Auracast™ broadcast audio, Bluetooth technology will be installed in public locations, and people will interact with audio in various public venues and environments like never before.

Language: Chinese

About the Conference: 

International IoT Exhibition (IOTE) is the world’s first professional IoT Expo covering the complete industry chain of IoT. It features the latest application developments in retail, Industry 4.0, intelligent logistics & healthcare, smart transportation, etc, and has gained sound reputation in IoT industry.

As one of the mainstream IoT connection technologies, Bluetooth has achieved billions of annual market shipments. In the meantime, IoT is also an important growth point for Bluetooth technology. To help stakeholders better understand the most updated progress of Bluetooth and potential market opportunities brought by Bluetooth IoT technology and innovative applications, Bluetooth IoT Technologies and Innovative Applications Summit is organized as a parallel event at IOTE, where Bluetooth SIG and member companies (Realtek, Telink, Tuya, Barrot, Nordic, BlueIoT) get together and share relevant insights with audience.

About the Organizer:

Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association (SZIOT) is a non-profit organization established with the approval of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. It’s an industry organization serving the Internet of Things industry, enterprises and government. SZIOT takes “building a global IoT industry ecological community full of warmth, authority and influence” as its mission, and strives to improve the overall strength and market competitiveness of Shenzhen’s IoT industry, and build a well-scaled ecological chain to promote the rapid development of the IoT industry in Shenzhen.

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