Alibaba Standard and Anti-COVID19 Online Salon

Embracing Bluetooth® New Trends and Advancements in the Internet of Things


Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations, Bluetooth SIG 

 Date and Time: 

9 July, 15:00-15:30 CST (GMT+8) 


Bluetooth technology is already the number one installed communication method in IoT and growing rapidly.  In this session, Jim Katsandres from the Bluetooth SIG will discuss the trends we are seeing in the Internet of Things and the incorporation of Bluetooth technology by our 35,000+ member companies into everything from COVID-19 exposure proximity solutions, indoor navigation, centimeter level Realtime location services (RTLS) to Lighting as a Service, asset tracking and building automation in individual, commercial and medical industries.   

About the Conference: 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, countries around the world have been actively engaged in the fight against the pandemic. Standards have also played an important role in the certification of protective products, sharing of best practices, and technological assistance in the fight against COVID-19, helping countries effectively build protest control systems. In order to share and exchange the practice and experience of standards in the fight against COVID-19, Alibaba invited experts from major domestic and abroad standardization organizations closely related to the fight against pandemic to discuss the important value and cases of standardization in the global fight against COVID-19. 

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