3M Global Tech Forum 2021

2021 Bluetooth Market Trends & Opportunities for Bluetooth® Technology Under the Pandemic

Presenter: Lori Lee, Marketing Director, APAC & China

Date and Time: 24 September, 9:00 CHST


Bluetooth has been advancing rapidly for the past 20+ years and its market has shown resilience and energy facing the epidemic. To seize the future, Bluetooth SIG, the global community behind the technology, is paying attention to the Bluetooth market trends in the next 5 years from 2021, as well as the new Bluetooth solutions for IoT market and the latest technology updates. Located in the post-pandemic era, the new market opportunities and implementations triggered by the changes in working style and the transformation of the health market are also of great concern.

Language: Mandarin Chinese

About the Conference: 

3M Global Tech Forum is founded in 1941. This conference is an 70th anniversary activity of the forum, which will be held in 3M center in YangMei and live-streamed simultaneously. 3M colleagues from the Technical Department in GCA (TW, CN, HK) will present on site or online as audience.

About the Organizer:

3M, known officially as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company from its founding in 1902 until 2002, is a diversified technology multinational and a major fortune 500 in the U.S. 3M dedicates to apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily with its 96,000+ employees and 100,000+ patents. The range of its manufacturing and service includes automotive, commercial solutions, design & construction, electronics, energy, health care, transportation and more.

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