Strengthening the value of
the Bluetooth brand for all members.

The Bluetooth® trademarks—including the BLUETOOTH word mark, the figure mark (the runic “B” and oval design), and the combination mark (Bluetooth word mark and design)—are owned by the Bluetooth SIG. There is no requirement to use the Bluetooth trademarks, but if they are used, they can only be used by a member of the Bluetooth SIG and only in association with properly qualified products. In order to protect the trademarks, the Bluetooth SIG administers a brand enforcement program.

Brand Enforcement Through Market Audits

The Bluetooth SIG monitors the market and performs audits to ensure that only member companies are using the trademarks, that any trademark use is in accordance with the Bluetooth brand guide, and that any trademark use is only in relation to properly qualified products.

Brand Enforcement Through Customs Agencies

The Bluetooth SIG maintains relationships with various customs agencies. These agencies monitor imports and will impound shipments that show inappropriate use of the Bluetooth trademarks. If you are notified of a shipment being held in customs for a Bluetooth brand violation, please contact the Bluetooth Brand Manager.

Brand Enforcement Through Member Reporting

Bluetooth SIG member companies are a major source of information for the brand enforcement program. If you are a member and suspect a Bluetooth Trademark License violation, please report it to the Bluetooth Brand Manager for further investigation.

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