Explore the Latest in IoT Innovation at Bluetooth Asia 2017

Bluetooth Asia, on 26-27 September 2017 in Shenzhen, China, is quickly becoming the premier Bluetooth® event of the year. Bluetooth Asia 2017 is a totally new experience, giving you an opportunity to hear engaging keynotes from industry leaders, such as Mobike, CCSA, Tencent, Xiaomi, ARM, and more. Drawing from their extensive knowledge and industry expertise, you’ll learn more about Internet of Things (IoT) innovations across a range of applications, from commercial and industrial to smart homes. You’ll also discover new solutions built on the highly anticipated Bluetooth mesh networking and Bluetooth 5 specifications.

Interactive Demos

In addition to hearing from IoT thought leaders, you can take advantage of Bluetooth technology exhibitions and developer workshops hosted by Dialog Semiconductor, Nordic, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, and more. The interactive elements give you an up-close and personal experience with the latest technologies and show you how to take your Bluetooth product from idea to market.

This year, Bluetooth Asia offers a unique format, which includes industry zones and hands-on demonstrations. If you have an innovation you’re ready to demo, it’s free to submit your product for one of the following industry zones.

Smart Home Zone

Gain insight into the future of home automation. Get a close look at a wide range of cutting-edge products from home monitoring, security, lighting, smart appliances, entertainment, and more.

Audio Zone

Explore what’s next in audio and get a chance to listen to your own music using some of the most innovative solutions on the market. This opportunity could provide inspiration for developing your own stylish and top-quality hearables.

Health and Fitness Zone

Experience a fitness center, gaming zone, and health center while discovering the latest innovations and future trends in Bluetooth enabled wearables, medical needs, and sports and health gear.

Testing Stations

Completely free of charge, these stations allow you to test the performance and interoperability of your product and ensure it meets the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s (SIG) standards and regulatory requirements, saving you time and money in the long run.

A Community of IoT Innovators

“Networking with the thought leaders and key technology adopters makes this a must-attend event for anyone involved,” said Sudheer Vemulapalli, business manager, Texas Instruments.

Whether you’re considering including existing Bluetooth technology in your upcoming product design or looking to advance wireless connectivity to new levels of invention, Bluetooth Asia is a rare opportunity for you to experience the latest IoT solutions in action.

An all access pass for entry into keynotes, developer workshops, live trainings, and networking sessions can be purchased for 200 RMB (~30 USD). Register to attend.

If you’re interested in showcasing your latest IoT innovations, learn more here.