Bluetooth SIG Membership and Working Groups

Why and How to Become a Bluetooth SIG Member

Join the SIG to shape the future of the IoT.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) are the curators, caretakers and innovators of Bluetooth® technology. By joining the SIG, you belong to a powerful organization that not only helps grow your business, but gives you the ability to shape the direction of Bluetooth. Because members are crucial to the success and proliferation of the technology, the Bluetooth SIG is here to help and support you every step of the way.

If your company builds, brands or represents a Bluetooth product as its own, it should become a member of the Bluetooth SIG.

Join the SIG

As a member, your company will gain:

  • The right to a license to build Bluetooth products—if terms and conditions are met*
  • The right to a license to use the Bluetooth trademarks—if terms and conditions are met*
  • A license to the Profile Tuning Suite (PTS), a protocol and interoperability testing tool
  • The ability to network and collaborate with other Bluetooth SIG members in a wide variety of industries—from chip manufacturers to application developers, device makers and service providers
  • Access to our Bluetooth testing events
  • The ability to enhance the Bluetooth specification—Associate members can join our Working Groups

As they say, membership has its privileges. If you're considering using a wireless technology in your product, your membership in the Bluetooth SIG not only helps you learn more about Bluetooth and network with other experts but can help you get your product to market faster and easier and in compliance.

It is easy and free to join. Start with Adopter membership and then decide if you want even more benefits and upgrade to Associate membership. 

*If compliance with the terms and conditions in the Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement and Bluetooth Patent/Copyright License Agreement are satisfied. Learn more about how to qualify and list your product.