Auracast broadcast audio will enable all types of public locations – from small establishments to large venues – to deliver audio experiences that will enhance visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility. Soon, places like airports, conference centers, gymnasiums, cinemas, houses of worship, and more will allow visitors to unmute silent TVs, access multi-language support, and benefit from augmented/assistive listening, all via personal earbuds, headsets, or hearing instruments.

Since its introduction, developers, venues, and end users have inquired as to where they can expect to find this new Bluetooth® capability. What types of opportunities will this new feature provide? What use cases do we expect to see first, and which public locations will become early adopters? Fortunately, new research is now available that takes a first step toward answering these questions.

Recently, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) commissioned Strategy Analytics – a global leader in analyzing, tracking, and forecasting the transformation of the smart device and IoT markets – to explore the potential size and shape of the nascent market for Auracast™ broadcast audio in public venues. 


Auracast™ broadcast audio will deliver life-changing audio experiences that will enhance the way you engage with others and the world around you.


New Auracast™ Deployment Research

Strategy Analytics conducted desk research, compiling the best available data on global venue counts from a variety of public and private resources. In addition, Strategy Analytics conducted a series of in-depth interviews to use as a market sizing input and add depth and richness to the analysis. A diverse cross section of venue owners and decision makers as well as selected industry leaders in consumer electronics and established assistive listening technologies were engaged. Strategy Analytics also spoke with professionals in the medical/audiological and hearing loss communities to bring a good mix of perspectives and cross-checked them through multiple independent sources where possible.

Those conversations, which are expanded on in the report, provided greater insight into today’s available options for broadcast audio, the successes and pain points of those systems, plans in consideration, and prevailing attitudes on the future of Auracast™ broadcast audio.

The following excerpt is from the recently published Bluetooth® market research note: Sizing the Opportunity for Auracast™ Broadcast Audio in Public Locations. This market research note is the result of the aforementioned Strategy Analytics research effort. 

Relevancy of Use Cases by Venue Type

The number of venues likely to deploy an Auracast™ broadcast audio infrastructure is vast. Suitable locations encompass transportation hubs, cinemas, conference centers, performance centers, gyms, fitness centers, hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs, places of worship, museums, tourist attractions, office spaces, retail and service locations, schools, and stadiums.

The strength-of-fit for Auracast™ broadcast audio use cases (Table 2) can vary considerably based on any number of factors, including, but not limited to: willingness to adopt, number of visitors impacted, ease of installation, amount and importance of audio being provided through public address, criticalness of information, and intended audience.

The table below highlights Auracast™ broadcast audio use case strength-of-fit by venue type.

It is worth noting that some venues may enable multiple Auracast™ broadcast audio use cases. Examples include public TVs that support both audio for silent screens and alternative language as well as cinemas that offer hearing augmentation, audio description, and multi-language. These are a few ways Auracast™ broadcast audio will integrate into everyday life and enhance private interaction with audio in public venues.

To learn more, read the full report: Sizing the Opportunity for Auracast™ Broadcast Audio in Public Locations. This report highlights the total addressable market of Auracast broadcast audio and provides insight into the number and types of venues that can benefit from deployment. 

Read the full report.


Sizing the Opportunity for Auracast™ Broadcast Audio in Public Locations

Discover the use cases this new Bluetooth capability will satisfy and the venues that will benefit.


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