Introducing Bluetooth® LE Audio

Now available for digital download, the new book from Nick Hunn, Chair of the Bluetooth SIG Hearing Aid Working Group, Vice Chair of the Generic Audio Working Group and a key contributor to the LE Audio specifications, is just a click away. Download this in-depth, technical overview of the LE Audio specifications.

The new Bluetooth® LE Audio set of specifications consists of over twenty documents, providing a toolkit to allow designers to develop a wide range of applications offering higher audio quality, new topologies, and even lower power. The LE Audio specifications also introduce Broadcast Audio, which will drive tremendous innovation in wireless audio for years to come. This book guides you through the specifications, illustrating how they work together and how to use them to develop innovative new applications.

Who should download the book:

  • Developers who need to understand the specifications
  • Designers who want to stay ahead with their audio products
  • Investors, technology strategists and analysts seeking to understand the market potential
  • Managers making decisions about the next generation of audio opportunities

Download your free digital copy and find out how LE Audio will change the way we design and use audio.

Free Download

The author is also making paperback and hardback versions of the book available for purchase from Amazon.

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